Monday, June 23, 2008

conversations with an 8 year old...

So we were down the street from my moms heading to her house, and Cayden sees a sign he hadn't noticed before..

slow children at play sign

Heres how it goes...
Cayden~ slow children at play...
mom~ yep thats what it said...
Cayden~ why do you think there are only slow children in this neighborhood?
mom~ HUH??
Cayden~ do you think they had an injury or were born that way?? can kids who are not slow play here with the slow kids?
mom~ ummm.. thats not what it meant...(trying to contain laugher)
well slow kids can play just as good as normal healthy kids..
mom~ yep.. thats right baby.. they sure can...

haha... interpretation is such a funny thing...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

5 reasons Cayden has the #1 dad!!

1. Dad always takes care of us..

2. Dad takes me to work with him and orders Jumbos!! my favorite!

3. Dad plays games with me and lets me play his 360..

4. He is always really fun, especially like when he shoots me with bows and arrows! and he'll ride all the rides with me when we go places like silver dollar city!

5. Because he is the best dad in the world!!

and not to mention the best husband! Sometimes its like having another kid with him, but I wouldn't have it any other way!! He provides me with unconditional love and is always good to make us laugh.. We love you so much Jay!! Happy Fathers Day!!!


Monday, June 9, 2008

And I now pronounce you..

oh wait.. I think I am getting ahead of myself again.. So I was grazing through some pics and realized I haven't posted any of my 2nd child yet.. (my future daughter in law) yes.. an arranged marriage .. Elizabeth Nichole is my best friend Erins daughter and we just love her to death, all of us, she even stays with my mom and calls her Ninny!! which my mom thinks is the absolute best! anyhoo.. below are some older and some newer pics.. I have some from when they were babies, but dont feel like scanning them on the computer right now..

this is a few summers ago @ the park.. Elizabeth and Erin were living in Broken Arrow at the time and didnt get to see them much, so when they did get together they had a "reunion" each time!! It was soo cute :)

this is last summer at the aquarium.. when we walked in all of the kids were petting the sting rays and Cayden loudly tells Elizabeth "I'm NOT touching them, thats what killed the crocodile hunter!!"

they were out back blowing bubbles a few weeks ago.. having a good time! around that time while at my moms a little girl was being "mean" to E and made her cry.. so Cayden overheard it and went and "had a talk" with the little girl and made her cry.. so when I got to moms to pick Cayden up and heard of all of the drama, I told Cayden he should have told Ninny and let her handle it, and he said "BUT SHE MADE ELIZABETH CRY!!" watch out boys.. mess with the bull and get the horns..

and how could our kids be any cuter with the moms they have?? It only makes sense that they be so close since Erin is the closest thing to a sister that I have.. We are so happy that Erin and Elizabeth now have Tony, who is going to be Erins HUSBAND in July!! I've wanted nothing except for them to be happy for so long and now they are!! YAY for us and the good life!!!