Sunday, May 31, 2009

one long post...

We have been keeping very busy. We miss Ella like crazy. Cayden asked the other day why I was sad, because Ella was in Heaven and we should be happy for her. I just told him that it's the selfish side of me just wanting her here.. We do okay as long as we are busy. We have been cleaning up and trying to finish stuff around the house that was started a long time ago. We also got Cayden a new puppy. We had to give Ollie (our dachshund) away since Ella was sick and we were in and out of the hospital. We were going to wait a while, but someone dumped 8 lab puppies by our families house. Cayden fell in love instantly, as did Jay and I.. so we have Molly (girl version of Marley) and she is great for all of us.. she makes us smile and laugh and is so sweet.. she was a God-send for sure. Here are a few pics of whats going on..

Ella taken a week or so before she made her trip back to Heaven..

I miss holding and kissing her sweet baby hand...

I don't rule anymore... hallway and cabinets in bathroom are both painted..progress after our several month stall.. :)

Molly baby...who thinks it was meant for her to sleep in between me and Jay.. not so bad now, but I'm thinking after a few months it won't be a good idea..for us at least.. isn't she adorable?

Cayden and Elizabeth molded a clay dinosaur head and painted it and gave it scales..such little crafty kids they are.

I haven't got all of our Thank you cards out yet. I do want to thank everyone for all you have done. Lately and the past several months. A big special thanks to our great families that we love so much!! Also a big thanks for Erin, Tony and Elizabeth AND of course Kevin, Mandi, Alora and Xander man.. although they are not blood related, they have been there as much as our family during all of this and love us and our kids almost as much as we do.. thanks guys for the tears shed with us, hugs and encouragement, laughs and keeping us busy.. we love you!

Friday, May 22, 2009

memory card

I thought this turned out beautifully..thought I would share..we had them available at the service..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Visitation will be Thursday May 21st 5-7pm @ Reynolds Funeral home in Collinsville. Service is to be held Friday May 22nd 10am @ Collinsville Baptist Tabernacle (hwy 169/136th St) and her final resting place will be at Graceland cemetery on Hwy 20.

thanks to everyone for the support, prayers and encouragement...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tough girl....

She fought a brave fight for so much of her short life, but gave in and returned to Heaven about 8:45 this morning..we miss her so much. We find comfort in knowing one sweet day we will be reunited....I will edit in the funeral services after we know more..