Journey to Foster & Adoption

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If you are interested in fostering and or adopting through the state, let me know if I can answer any questions or concerns you may have. Leave a comment below or email me-

March 24, 2010
Before we had Ella, we had considered fostering and maybe adoption if things did not work out for us to have our own child.. Now that we have lost Ella, we have been on a journey for joy again.. After she had been gone about 6 months, I felt this need to take care of someone else.. Cayden is 10 and is very independent. Jay and I spoke about this and decided to pray that the Lord would lead us in the direction we needed to go for that joy.. After a few months I was searching online at different adoption agencies, and saw a link for Ok DHS..and it clicked.. I talked to Jay about it and he said he agreed and thought this would be perfect for us. .We turned in all of our paperwork and am waiting to attend our classes and home studies.. We put in for foster and adoption if it happens to arise..We are anxious and happy to be helping a child(ren) that need it, even if its just for a short time..all of the while, filling my desire to care for someone else.. We have Ella's room just as it was left in May, and it makes me so sad to walk by it..quiet, cold, empty.. I know that she would want us to move on, to help a child that needs what we can offer.. Love and a home.. It wasn't enough to save Ella, but its enough for these kids that need help.. I wish I had more room to help more kids.. but I sadly do not at the moment.. If you have an empty room, and the same desire to help others, maybe you should consider this too.. I know there are plenty of kids that need, time, and a safe home..  I will update here when we hear something from the state..

April 10, 2010
We had our first class today. We are doing saturday sessions to get through them faster..It was a good class..this week should be our first of 3 home all is seeming more real lately..I am excited and nervous about this..I am excited to help children in their time of need..I am nervous that I just won't know what to do..mothering came very naturally to me..but for some reason this unknown slightly terrifies me..How in the world can I help reunite children with the very parents who throw them out like yesterdays garbage? This is not always the case, I know.. but I worry about it..I worry that I will have to look these people in the face who for some reason or another lost their children, when ALL I want in this world is children to keep, nurture and love..pray for us as all of this is coming up so
fast.. pray the lord will use us to help however he wants us to..

May 11, 2010
We finished our home study today and our training was complete on Saturday..So now we just wait for everything to be approved and for a call! so excited!

June 30th 2010, we signed our contract and are officially approved and waiting for a call!

July 23rd, got our first call to pick up little man, read about it here....

Aug 2nd, 2010- went and picked up little sweet pea from shelter, read here and here about here..

Aug 24th, 2010- we got little miss from an emergency foster care home.. check out a little about her here..

Sept 26, 2011~ we finalized our adoption of our sweet rainbow, Lily Belle.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the fostering journey! We are currently fostering and in the process of adopting a 16 month old baby with mito- very severly affected. His mom was just not able to take care of his many medical needs. It has been a great experience.

Bonky's Mom said...

We are foster-to-adopt parents, too, and currently have two beautiful babies. (We have a bio son, too) Welcome to the foster-to-adopt journey! There is such a huge need for Godly families! I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Ella. I can't imagine what that journey has been like. I look forward to keeping up with you guys.


Our Journey said...

I just found your blog and I plan to follow it. My husband and I lost our daughter in September of 09. We have since adopted and now have our son who just turned 5 months. Adoption is such a wonderful thing! I am so happy for you. God bless!