Friday, February 11, 2011

snow bored :)

I feel as though we have been snowed in for months, really its only been a few weeks, with a day break here and there.. today I was able to run to the bank and grab some chic-fila for us! ((yay))

this is from my MIL's cell phone so it is fuzzy, but here is an idea of how much snow we got..C is 5 ft tall.

Cayden got some new glasses that I am DYING to take his pics in..he says they are 'girl glasses' but they aren't..he is stubborn and is resisting the camera.. brat..
however there is one child that will help break up my snow day boredom..she was not thrilled about it, but since she can't run yet, she had no choice :) I couldn't get her to smile since it was so close to naptime, but she got through it for the most part..I was able to get a few pics at least.

                                                             until she was done...;)

Not alot has been going on..she is just toddling all over the place. She seems to be sleeping better, hopefully this resumes.. Her worker meets with the adoption worker on Wednesday, to give her all of the info she needs and then she comes out for her monthly visit on Thursday. I spoke with her yesterday and everything seems to be cruising along just fine.. literally :)

I love how she looks at the TV for a second to make sure it wasn't coming from there! She is so sweet it kills me sometimes..I love my kids so much!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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Monday, February 7, 2011

this and that...

We have had record snow fall here and have just about dug out and now we are told that we are getting another 6-10 inches tomorrow but I guess all of the free time has been good for Lily, she has finally taken off and can now walk! she is still wobbly, but is doing great :) She is so stinking cute! I just love her so much..

This past week was a little rough. On feb 2, it had been 2 years since Ella was diagnosed and we were given the 'enjoy your time left with her' talk.. All week I just thought about holding her and crying, praying, being mad, and even defiant towards God, telling him he can't take her..then I began for myself to die before she did. With each headache I would honestly pray it was some sort of aneurysm and I would just be gone. All feelings and thoughts that I had never had before then. I realize now, that was selfish and a tad insane, but at the time my heart and head just weren't very logical. I thought of her looking at me confused and touching my face as the tears came down.. Saturday night while at one of my bf's house she gave me all of the pics that she ever took of Ella on a disc, edited and unedited. I knew she was sick, I could see her getting worse as the pictures progressed. I got to the picture group of the ones taken right before she passed and I got to the 2nd one and just had to walk away.. I knew at that time, that she was fading and frail, but I didn't see her the way everyone else did I guess. I still just saw my baby, I still prayed for her miracle, I held out in faith that she would be brought back to new, just as she were a few months before.. and ultimately she was made new, just in Heaven. Seeing those pictures though... I just cried and cried all night in bed, I woke up to cry some more.. Sometimes I can't tell where the pain comes from, is it from believing she is gone, or is it from remembering she was actually here? I feel alot of the time, that it was a bad dream, it happened though.. my heart is scarred and broken and will never be the same. I always miss her, she is always with me, but days (weeks) like this are so cruel.. I try to stay busy and distracted, focused on what is here with me, in front of me.. sometimes its just not possible... its just too much.. but I must take comfort in knowing that she is in the arms of our father.. she is no longer frail, pail and stuggling. She is running, laughing and singing praises.. I am thankful for this, but I still miss her..