Saturday, July 23, 2011

progress..or at least a little..

So since the bio parents had PTR removed several months ago, I have been calling, emailing, calling again in attempt to get in touch with our adoption worker to get things moving. The only reason I even knew her name was because it was on the paperwork she sent and we filled out and sent back the same week. This week I was working and a strange number appeared on my phone, I ignored since I was busy and later listened to the VM and it was our new adoption worker. He got our case this week and called to schedule a visit for this next week to get the ball going. He said he was assigned 14 cases total from this lady and nothing had been done with any of them.. SO FINALLY some progress towards the finalization!! I was told there was nothing wrong, but I couldn't help but think there was something going on, why else wouldnt she call me back? so yeah.... I feel way better now!

The new job is going well. I really like it.. There is a ton of new information, new people, new computer systems.. and by Friday pm I felt like my brain was mush.. but once I am in rhythm with everyone/everything, I think it will be great. The physicians I work with really care about their patients and are so devoted to raising funds towards finding a cure. It is very inspiring. It also makes me a teeny tiny tad bit envious, because I wish there were as many that were so dedicated physicians working to find a cure for mitochondrial disease.. but I know great strides are being made in finding a cure for both childhood cancer as well as mito and that makes my heart happy.. both are so devestating and I just wish tomorrow we would wake up and all of these illnesses that rob us of our children and that rob our children of their childhoods were just gone... but for now, we just look forward and know that one day all of this will be no more.. no hurt or sickness.. what a day that will be :)

well LM is being entirely too quiet so I better see what she is into.. see you all soon :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

still here!

We are still here. I have been training for the new job this week.. I do think it will take a while for us to get into a good routine and flow of it all.. I love when I pick LM up from  my moms she dances and jumps and says 'yeah yeah yeah!"  :) she is so cute,  I love it..

Her sw came last week and said adoptions are just behind, and we should finalize by september.. ((it was June at one point)) so we will just wait. All is done and approved, just need to finalize with the court date.. In the mean time we have to recertify our foster care much to get done.. hope all is well with all of my bloggy buddies. I haven't really had time to read any blogs, but maybe just maybe this weekend, I will have some down time!!