Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ella update

She is resting peacefully and seems to be doing better this afternoon/evening. She is moving her arms and not crying and was playing with her wubby bunny! She is still requiring the pain meds and not letting us hold her at all, but we'll take all the progress we can, no matter how small..We have complete faith that the Lord will heal her and once again be the happy HEALTHY baby we love so much.. Just a few things before I end this post.. she is not likely to give the illness to anyone other than other small infants or frail elderly patient, or those otherwise immune defficient. We are not sure how she contracted it, best guess is that it likely started during her ear or sinus infection and just progressed into what she has now. We did see a pediatric infectious disease dr today and he reviewed everything and examined her and agrees this is likely the viral strand..again.. she still has a long way to go, but is a trooper and has us and other friends and family and even strangers praying for her like crazy.. The Lord is good and blessed us with her after 4 years of praying for and stressing over having a baby and we know that he is going to carry her through this.. like my dad says, Gotta get through the valleys to appreciate the view from the mountain.. I'll post again tomorrow, and thank you so much to everyone that has called, text, visited and everything.. we are so blessed..

below is Ella on Christmas and me playing with photoshop and trying to get it down.. yes I'm just learning.. Mandi showed me a few things thanks to her inpromptu lesson of photoshop for dummies.. ;)

our ella bella is sick..

and could use any prayer and good thoughts sent this way. She had a sinus infection 2 weeks ago or so and was put on antibiotics. Fast forward to Christmas eve and she had finished her meds the day before and she was so cranky again. I assumed it was due to teething or just being held so much around family during Christmas dinners and stuff and treated with Tylenol and Mylecon. Then Monday she started vomiting and screaming, took her to the dr again and had an ear infection and a gastric bug. Tuesday same thing, worse though.. we took her to SJ owasso and they said she had some bowel disorder where the bowel folds into itself? anyhoo... so they cant treat it there, so we are transported to Childrens hospital at St Francis and immediately there are 5-6 nurses and the ER dr all over her. the whole time we are both crying and I feel like a awful mother.. why cant I sooth her or fix it? A quick blur and we are on our way to PICCU and ordering a CT of her head because her soft spot is too tight(brain swelling) umm.. I thought it was a stomach problem?? so they do the CT and then the dr tells us she thinks its meningitis and need to do a spinal tap..ugh sick. feel like I'm going to throw up.. I cry and then consent.. the pre tests came back positive, and apparently the antibiotics from before mentioned sinus infection had started to treat it, so the antibiotics from this started to treat the meningitis, and when she ended those it came back on stronger. so here we are. she is opening her eyes some today and a little more responsive, they are keeping her sedated for now to keep her comfortable. We are just pretty much setting around watching her sleep.. but I will keep everyone posted as we know more. . please keep her in your prayers.. she is doing better but still very critical.. here is a pic from today.. the IV is in her head =( but she doesnt seem to mind.

oh they think it is viral meningitis but wont have the results until at least tomorrow.. they are treating her for bacterial just incase that IS it.. We want it to be viral.. a lot quicker recovery..

Friday, December 19, 2008

my FOUR MONTH old...

wow.. where did time go? Ella is so sweet and such a fun baby.. I just love her so much and so does her daddy and big brother.. who by the way is amazing with her and so attentive.. We've had alot of laughs and a ton of happy moments, a few tears, from both of us... Anyway.. I took a few pics this morning of her, but someone had changed the settings on my camera.. and I of course didnt check it.. ugh.. I am going to attempt to retake them on the correct settings later.. Cayden doesnt know, but we got him his own camera for Christmas.. so MAYBE, crossing my fingers he will leave mine alone.. =) here are some of the pics..

and a few of my little Santa baby.. :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


1. Eggnog or Hot Chocolate? hot chocolate =)

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? unwrapped.. mom and dads are wrapped

3. Colored light on house/tree or white? tree are just white.. my little brother came and put up blue icicle lights while we were in branson for us.. I wouldn't have chose blue, but he and my dad said the kiddos needed them :)

4. Do you hang mistletoe? Nope

5. When do you put your decorations up?the weekend after thanksgiving normally.. this year was a little later..

6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)? green bean casserole..yummy!!

7 . Favorite holiday memory as a child? spending the day at my grandparents and show all the cool stuff I got with my cousins!

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? probably my brother.. he was mean like that ;)

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Cayden and Ella opens his from my mom and dad and my brother and his family..

10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree?white and white bulbs and various ornaments..

11. Snow. Love it or dread it? love it as long as the roads are clear :)

12. Can you ice skate?I havent tried in a very long time!

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? as a child was a my child doll and as an adult probably my dvd camcorder from Jay and Cayden..

14. What is the most important thing about the holidays for you? Being with family and friends and really remembering why we celebrate Christmas!!--ditto!!

15. What is your favorite holiday dessert? chocolate pecan pie.. mmmmmm...

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? I dont know that we have any "traditions", but I love seeing my kids getting to play with all thier cousins and just laughing and having fun..

17. What tops your Christmas tree?a silver star

18. Which do you prefer - giving or receiving? Giving...

19. What is your favorite Christmas song? I dont like Christmas music.. but I guess if I had to choose it would be Mary did you know..

20. Candy Canes. Yum or Yuck? depends on what kind they are.. :)

21. What do you want for Christmas? I'm not sure.. =)

22. Do you attend an annual Christmas party? nope just family stuff.. and Caydens school parties?

23. Do you dress up for Christmas Eve or wear PJ’s? just normal clothes and then PJ's before bed

24. Do you own a Santa hat? yeah I think there is one in the garage

25. Who do you normally spend Christmas with? Family... different sides on various different days and I love it!!

Now, I get to tag five others.
1. Erin
2. Nancy
3. Kelly
4. Amanda Archer
5. Amy.. since it has been forever since she posted :)

All you have to do is copy the above questions and paste on your blog (with your answers, of course!) Then tag five of your friends. Come on, it's fun!

here is our tree this year.. it is a small one.. I gave my old one away last year and forgot to get a new one and just bought this last minute from Target, I think we'll let Cayden put it in his room next year.. :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

You better watch out

Better not pout, Better not cry.. I'm telling you why.. Santa Claus is coming to toooooowwn...
guess she didnt get that memo..
is it mean that I think its cute when she cries?

I just love her..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Branson was fun..

Although it was Freezing cold!! Erin, Tony, Ebeth and us went on Friday night and ate at shorty smalls in Branson Landing and walked around and did a little shopping.. Saturday my mom and Aunt Becky met us at our room and we went to lunch and then off to Silver Dollar City.. which was CRAZY busy.. We were told that Saturday was a record setting day! and I believe it.. After the parade and snacks and fun we were off to catch the bus to our cars.. so I thought.. an hour later of waiting in line and trying to keep the kiddos warm, we finally boarded the bus to our cars, grabbed a bite and went and defrosted before bed :) and of course outlet shopping on Sunday.. Ella was so good all weekend, especially after all the time spent in the car seat and stroller.. anyway here are a few pics

this is how poor Ella spent most of her weekend.. all trapped inside.. snug as a bug in a rug though..

this is what she did when her cocoon was opened.. she was taken back by all the lights and movement around her..

I am so glad Cayden had Elizabeth to do things with this time.. they had a blast together... silly kids were crazy..

they were pretending they were falling off of the bench.. haha..

we did let the baby out some.. for some quick kisses and hugs and then back in out of the cold real fast..

this is where we stayed.. its a resort/hotel/ time share community called westgate.. is was so nice and very affordable

I am so glad Erin and Tony went with us. .always tons of laughs and fun.. love you guys!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

what else could a girl need..

comfy jammies..blankie that ninny made me...papasan favorite lovie bunny.. couldnt sleep with out it... ahhh the life of a princess..

Monday, November 24, 2008

life just isnt fair sometimes..

some friends of ours lost their 4 month old baby on Saturday morning they think to SIDS. I just cant even fathom what they are going through.. they lost a baby girl about 4 years ago too.. she had some chromosome disorder.. How and why should any 1 person have to struggle with stuff like this. Why is there no test or any way to determine if your child is at risk for sids? I was told the babys mom woke up and fed her a early morning bottle laid her back down and went to get her up in the morning and she was gone.. just like that.. I just cry and cry for them.. Jay went to see them that evening, but I stayed here with Ella.. I just dont get it.. I know everything happens for a reason and there is a plan for everyone and everything.. but it just down right isnt fair sometimes.. We have these great and loving parents with the rug pulled out from beneath them.. I dont know.. just thought I would spill for a bit.. oh we did go get one of the angel care monitors for Ella.. the alarm goes off if there is no movement (breath) after 20 seconds.. I struggled on whether to get one or not because they are a little pricey.. but we got one.. anyway.. please remember this family in your prayers and thoughts..

~~ the funeral was today. A beautiful service.. they seem to be holding it together as well as possible.. I didnt think I was going to be able to go in.. I stood at the back doors and saw the tiny casket and froze and then lost it.. I feel so bad for them and it all just hit me.. this could easily be me.. that could easily be Ella..I hate sids.. I hate the situation.. now I have this constant fear that something is going to happen to my baby..its just not fair one bit..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

look what I found!

its my hand! and the closer it gets to my face the harder it is to see.. strange..

I also thought she found her ears, but the next day she started getting cranky and sleeping a whole lot... turns out it is her first ear infection..poor baby.. we started her antibiotics yesterday after her appointment.. hopefully this clears up fast and we have our happy ella bella back instead of evil ella.. lol.. those are her names my grandma assigned her for when she is moody =)
Cayden also has a cough and perhaps a little bit of a cold.. my first experience as a mom with TWO sick kids.. woo hoo.. its been a blast at my house..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


to be heard and to stand up for what you do or dont believe in.. Dont forget to vote!

my babies this morning.. incase you are wondering they are both pro-life.. =)

This morning Cayden was talking about the mock vote at school and I asked who he was going to vote for and he said "McCain, Obama lets those doctors kill little babies!!" wow.. I didnt realize he has heard me talk about this before.. anyhoo.. happy voting!

oh yeah more incentive to vote.. I got this from another blog I read:

Dairy Queen is giving away free ice cream! Chik-fil-A is giving away free sandwiches or milk shakes! Ben and Jerry's is giving away free ice cream! Eat 'n Park is giving away free coffees too! Krispy Kreme is giving away donuts!
Hardees is giving $1 off combo meals with an "I Voted" sticker. Shane's Rib Stack is giving away a free meal - 3-piece chicken tenders, fries, and a 20 oz. drink - to all customers who wear an "I Voted" sticker.

starbucks vote.jpg

Monday, November 3, 2008

the bat kids..

Cayden was batman and Ella was bat baby this Halloween.. we went trick or treating here in town with Erin, Tony and Elizabeth, and my cousin Charity and her baby Joey.. and Erins mom and my mom came along for the fun too :)

C was hot in his mask.. he didnt keep it on very long at all.. :)

Joey was a little less than thrilled with the whole experience.. at least we were having fun though :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

just wanted to share this..

I just look at me precious little baby girl and the great kid C has grown into and can't imagine them being a "choice" I was young when I had Cayden and it did not even cross my mind to "take care of it".. and I thank the Lord everyday for the miracles he has given to me..

Imagine this country if he actually wins... what a sad sad time for anyone with any family values.. if you want more info.. check out the site I got this video from @
~side note- Jill Stanek is the nurse that testified in front of congress regarding live birth abortion.. its gut wrenching to read some of the stuff.. but again it just amazes me that this really happens in OUR country.. wow..

Luke 12:7
But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.

Friday, October 24, 2008

this is what happens

when I put her in her car seat.. I am pretty sure she tries to blow me up with her mind.. she HATES the car seat..

But I love her.. :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

faces of Ella..

Today was Ellas 2 month appointment and shots.. remembering how this went when Cayden was little, I recruited my cousin Charity to stand in as the bad guy, and I as the good mommy will save her from the evil nurse.. while we were waiting on the nurse we took a few pics of her many faces.. they are the "before" shots..

Cayden calls this her "stink eye"

this is the after.. it was soooo sad.. she was just crying and griping and SOOO upset.. no I did not cry this time... and luckily she went to sleep as soon as we got in the car..poor baby..

OH YEAH... she is 8.5 weeks and weighs a whopping 8 lbs 12 oz and is 21.5 inches long.. she is in the 10% on weight and length... but Dr Gist says she is just a little girl, but very healthy!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

whats a dog to do..

so I was working the other day on the computer and I heard Ollie whining and pacing.. I figured he was just having a hard time finding a cozy spot and told him to hush.. after listening to this for several minutes I turned around and saw that his bed/ basket had flipped over on its side.. he just kept walking around it and looking at me to help.. and of course it was way too funny for me to help so soon and I was curious to see if he would give up and go to another bed..

He didnt.. he decided to work with what he had..

I finally gave in and fixed it for him and all was well with the world again :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

such personality...

well Ella is 6 weeks and already has so much personality. She loves to just lay and chill and talk.. she kicks and stretches and tries so hard to focus that she ends up cross eyed.. which is happening less and less lately.. every time I try to catch a pic she uncrosses them =) .. anyway.. I snapped a few pics yesterday afternoon when it was just us girls here...

this is her surprised look ;)


Thursday, September 18, 2008

now that's love..

So colic and all, Cayden is still such a sweetie with Ella. He takes every opportunity, when she is in a good mood, to hold her. When she is fussy and crying, he shuffles to help find whatever it is she needs to pacify her. She looks around and tries to find him any time she hears his voice..

the pic below was taken at Jays grannies house. The day after we got out of the hospital with her, our air conditioning went on the fritz and they were gracious enough to let us stay with them for a few days until the guy was able to fix ours.. Granny naturally took advantage and got tons of snuggle time!

my absolute favorite time of night has to be bath time. If I could keep her in the bath tub the entire time she was colicky, I would.. I am pretty sure it would be frowned upon though... she can be screaming a bloody fit and the minute her little booty touches the water this is her face until we take her out.. she will scoot all the way down until she is almost completely covered and when I pull her up a little to keep the water out of her ears, she will fuss and scoot back down.. its pretty funny..