Saturday, February 16, 2008

peace in the time of chaos...

Everything has been chaotic, my parents start the work on their new (to them) house today, it is nice and big, just needs some TLC, which it is going to get this week and then they are going to be moved in there, hopefully next weekend, and then we are going to start our remodel on our house..anyway with just the being so tired and the extra people here, i just havent felt like doing anything around the house... which is so odd because i normally have a heart attack over one thing being misplaced.. Jay did the laundry the other day for me even!! he cleans and folds and that is where it ended, and i just havent got the urge to hang or put it in the drawers.. is mandi rubbing off on me?!?! :) hopefully this is only temporary.. anyhow there is one family in particular who doesnt seem to mind the mess or chaos at all, and that is Ollie.. He will bark at whoever he can catch until they pick him up and then he will nuzzle in and go to sleep..2 words.. spoiled rotten!! most of the time if he can find cayden, its him he wants.. BTW.. cant you see how much cayden LOVES to have his pic taken?! the joy in his face is almost too much!! haha.. he rolls his eyes everytime he sees me coming with it.. poor kid.. so mistreated..

And incase he cant find anyone to give into his pleas he has his last resort.. HE LOVES to sleep on our clothes, blankets, whatever he can reach or pull off of couches and or beds.. he makes himself and little nest and is out for the count!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

my first post!!

k here is my first post as an official blogger :) woo hoo!! so here I go... below is a pic that mandi took of us last year.. i have been a BAAAD mom and haven't had family pics since then... I know what you are thinking, right?? what kind of parent am I? Cayden is going to be absolutely traumatized by this, I know.. as i said before.. BAAAD mom!! this is something I will promise to work on before he turns 8!!

Here is me and Cayden at the Jenks aquarium this summer, notice the tans we both are sportin'.. and if you have seen us lately you will notice the lack there of.. anyway I have some really cute other pics that I will post later..

so I LOVED this pic of them.. Cayden has been blessed with my good attitude and willingness to "go with the flow" attitude, but looks so much like his dad its scary.. this isnt a close up, but I'm telling you, imagine Cayden with a face full of hair and oh my goodness.. you wouldn't believe it.. there is no denying that C belongs to Jay, not as though that were ever an issue, but if it were...