Tuesday, May 27, 2008

first looks at baby Ella

she wasn't cooperating very well today, but we were able to get some very cute shots of her.. her little cheeks and body are filling out and she is looking more and more like a baby, and not so much a mutant :)

Cayden was sitting pretty close to the screen and all of the sudden she looked over and opened her eyes and it made him jump.. caught him off guard I guess..

she had her feet and hands all up by her face.. we cant wait to see her in person!!

and I cant post one with out the other.. here is cayden at the Renaissance fair a few weekends ago.. he cant wait to meet his little sister!!


Mandi said...

YYAAAYYYY!! So sweet, I love them :0) I'm just not sure who she's lookin' like yet... just have to wait till she makes her official appearance, Can't Wait!!!! Congrats guys, and Cayden's gonna be a GREAT big brother!!

Mandy Earp said...

I love the name Ella. You know everyone will call her Cinderella -that is okay she will be such a little princess!