Thursday, April 3, 2008

better late than never i guess..

i actually dont really like doing these things, but since our system is partially down and i'm not able to do any work.. here ya go :)

I've Been Tagged
What time did you get up this morning? several times, i think i got up a few minutes after 7
Diamonds or pearls? depends on what I'm wearing i guess.. but i am a girl, so it is my obligation to say diamonds :)
What is your favorite TV show? Greys, heroes, Big Brother, Survivor, ultimate fighter, (once they actually get in the house anyway.. Criminal minds, American idol is one.. way too many shows to list for sure :)
What is your middle name? Ann
What food do you dislike? Seafood.. except coconut shrimp from red lobster
What is your favorite song or artist at the moment? i dont really have 1 favorite.. i pretty much listen to a bit of everything.. depends on my mood ;)
What characteristics do you despise? liars, or chronic "sugar coaters".. just tell the truth, no excuses or any of that stuff.. just say what you are thinking!!
Favorite item of clothing? anything that is comfortable at this point.. haha..
If you could go anywhere in the world for a vacation, where would you go? Europe.. tour the country side, old castles, villages, and stuff like that.. i would just love it..
What color is your bathroom? main one is tan and dark brown, ours is just white.. we havent gotten that far yet for painting :)
Favorite brand of clothing? present time is motherhood or anything that fits my stomach.. normally i like old navy or whatever looks decent..
Where would you like to retire? I guess in OK since all my family is here. ditto~
Most memorable birthday? my 21st.. my friends and hubby had a surprise party for me.. it was fun.. and was an actual surprise!
Favorite sport to watch? football, college or cayden and UFC
Favorite quote? i dont really have a fav.. most of the ones i know come from TV or movies, like Mandy :)
Are you a morning or a night person? haha.. neither lately.. normally a night person though..
What did you want to be when you were little? Kindergarten teacher
What are you today? medical compliance officer
Your favorite flower? star gazing lillies
What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to? not sure of the exact date yet, but August when we meet our baby girl!!
if you were a crayon, what color would you be? yeah i have no idea?? peachie tan color??
What is your pet peeve? crunching on ice, people smacking food.. people not cleaning up after themselves or offer to help when they come for dinner.. that always gets me too.. you really dont have to help, just at least offer?!?!?!
Favorite soft drink?diet dr pepper
Favorite restaurant? Las Cabos probably. .
Favorite day of the year? my kiddos bdays of course!
What was your favorite toy as a child? i had a my child doll named samantha.. i also had a mexican one my aunt gave me name lola, she only had 1 eye.. but she was beautiful to me!!
Summer or winter? Summer!
What is under your bed? nothing.. our frame is still in storage.. as i said earlier.. havent made it to the back part of the house yet :)
What did you do last night? got a new computer desk and kitchen table and watched BB and part of TUF and then crashed..
Favorite smell? babies, the air right before or after it rains and a clean house!!!
What are you afraid of? something going wrong during this pregnancy.. losing those i love..
How many words did spell check have to correct?i havent yet :)
What/Who inspires you? my family and friends.. all for different reasons..
Tag at least two people to fill this in with their own answers. i think Amy is the only one i have that hasnt done it yet?? so just one.. here ya go Amy!

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