Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sugar and Spice and everything nice....

We went yesterday for our ultrasound and the technician apparently had not had her coffee yet, she told me it was too early to know? even though i am in my 19th week?? and they do not repeat ultrasounds unless there is a concern or complication.. so being the stubborn girl I am, i called the Anticipation U/S studio and scheduled an appt today.. The baby was already practicing being lady like by crossing her legs.. with some poking and prodding, she finally revealed herself.. and then we got the view we wanted :) I admit my eyes teared up a little bit, but Jays mom Nancy cried.. she was the only girl of 3 kids and then had 2 sons! so a girl has been long anticipated!! I naturally had to go buy something pink immediately, so we went to Sams and found these cute onsies, they didnt have much but these work to give me my "fix!"

I wanted to make sure that I was plenty hydrated, so I drank gallons of water, and a diet dr pepper for some caffeine to get the baby moving!! and she was flipping all over the place!!

she was cartwheeling and the tech was able to snap a shot real fast, not showing too much of her, but enough to show she was a little girl!!

We obviously would love any child that we have, but I just really wanted a girl this time.. and feel so blessed to know that I am going to have a son and a daughter in August!!

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Laura said...

Wow! I am so happy for you guys! Seriously it's the best now that you have your pair!!!