Thursday, August 14, 2008

1 more week!

So in 7 days at this time we will have a new baby!! YAY! We are so ready to see and hold her.. as long as everything is on schedule we should have a baby in our arms by 7:30 AM Thursday Aug 21, 2008 ..

Cayden started the 3rd grade today.. he was a little less than excited..we're crossing our fingers that he comes home in a better mood than he left in :) I snapped a few pics I will post later.. they show how he really felt this morning.. lol..

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Mandi said...

YAY Baby Ella!! Can't wait to meet her!!! I'm sad though that C was so less than thrilled about school... I thought he liked it? I hope he had a good day despite himself :0) I'll just be praying this is his best year yet... and how could it not be with new baby sis comin'!!! love you guys!!