Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2 posts in 1..

the waiting game...

So in my head Thursday has been rapidly approaching. I cant believe it is already time to see Isabella.. then again I feel as though I have been pregnant for years.. make sense? so everything is ready to go. I have 2 outfits packed, still not sure of which one we will bring her home yet.. My doctor said he would guess she was going to weigh in about 7 or 7.5 lbs.. but then again he guessed Cayden was around 8, and he was 6 lbs even.. so we'll see Thursday morning!!
The room is all put together and just needs a baby to stick in there.. Her bed has a canopy that my mom is still working on, so its not in the pictures , but here is pretty close to the completed nursery.. I will post the "final" pic when it gets put up..

Adventures of a 3rd grader...

Cayden had his 1st day of 3rd grade as I mentioned last Thursday. He was not at all excited about getting up and around, but luckily he really enjoys his teacher this year. So once he is past the bed head grumpy kid, he is good to go.. Despite all of my efforts and tries at bribery, this is the best pic I got.. thanks alot kid.. lol

Yesterday we asked how school was going and if he was having fun, and he so non shelantly says "yeah, sometimes I let the girls chase me... some times I chase them" uhhh....not exactly what we were asking, but okay?? he is so funny..

~this is his 1st day of kindergarten.. look at the difference.. :)


LaUrA said...

Cute bag!!! I can't wait to see Isabella! Oh and Cayden is too funny! That sounds like something Josh would say.

Nancy said...

Love the room, Love the boy & waiting patiently for the girl!!!