Thursday, June 10, 2010

today its bad...


The flowers smell so beautiful
I tried to pick them and pull
They're nailed to the ground
I wanted to give them to you, but I can't now

There, the apple's of Edan I saw before me
I would have given you the whole tree
When I went to get that red fruit I was scared
Wishing that you were with me there

Went to bed with you on my mind
Watched the clock tick, but that didn't speed up time
Looked for you in my sheets I thought you hid in
I tried to remember where you had been

Walking with just my shadow by my side
I try to hug it, but we only collide
No one to wipe the tears again today
I had to curl my finger up and wipe the drop's away

I wrote a letter to explain how I felt
When I did the sentences only seemed to melt
Three words came through,
The only thing written on the page was: “i miss you”

I am still on internet break, but wanted to share is hard..I keep coming back to the computer as if something on it will make me feel better..sigh..


Anonymous said...

Oh Jen:( I'm so sorry you have to go through this. Sending you much love<3 from Anne Hansen

Anonymous said...

Sending prayers your way today. Crystal.

Lea said...

The bad days are really bad... sending you strength and love always.

brigette said...

so sorry you are having a bad day!! They are the worst. Thinking of you and sending many prayers

Lisette said...

Sending prayers of strength to you. ((HUGS))

2awesomekidz said...

Oh Jen, this poem is amazing. It hurts my heart! I hope the days, weeks, months become easier with time! Thinking of you always!

Jen said...

I have been praying for you. Not knowing the words to say, that express from my heart, how much I hurt for you...and knowing your hurt is a million times more than I can know.
Through your pain & sorrow remain joyful in Him. While it hurts and there is nothing else to do besides scream and cry...cry to Him.
And remember He loves you & Ella more than you can love another.
We love, because He first Loved us.
With everything I am...I am praying & loving you.

Elizabeth said...

You are in my prayers. *hugs*

Franchesca said...

Wishing I could say something to make you feel better. ((((HUGS))))

lost--for--words said...

Sending you strength to get through this day, and the next, and the next..... Life after losing a child is such a difficult reality to live. ((hugs))

Holly said...

I'm sorry it's been so rough, hun. Sending you my love

Stephanie said...

Love you jen!!!!!!!!

I know nothing i can say will make you feel any better or change anything but you are constantly in my thoughts!!!!! Wish i was there to give you a hug and just keep you company!

Christy said...

Just wanting you to know that I'm thinking of you and sending hugs...

Mary said...

Jen, I wish there was something I could say. But, I will continue to pray that one day you will feel better.

Bonky's Mom said...

Praying for your heart today. It's time for Jesus to return and for all of this pain and suffering to be over. Hugs.