Friday, February 11, 2011

snow bored :)

I feel as though we have been snowed in for months, really its only been a few weeks, with a day break here and there.. today I was able to run to the bank and grab some chic-fila for us! ((yay))

this is from my MIL's cell phone so it is fuzzy, but here is an idea of how much snow we got..C is 5 ft tall.

Cayden got some new glasses that I am DYING to take his pics in..he says they are 'girl glasses' but they aren't..he is stubborn and is resisting the camera.. brat..
however there is one child that will help break up my snow day boredom..she was not thrilled about it, but since she can't run yet, she had no choice :) I couldn't get her to smile since it was so close to naptime, but she got through it for the most part..I was able to get a few pics at least.

                                                             until she was done...;)

Not alot has been going on..she is just toddling all over the place. She seems to be sleeping better, hopefully this resumes.. Her worker meets with the adoption worker on Wednesday, to give her all of the info she needs and then she comes out for her monthly visit on Thursday. I spoke with her yesterday and everything seems to be cruising along just fine.. literally :)

I love how she looks at the TV for a second to make sure it wasn't coming from there! She is so sweet it kills me sometimes..I love my kids so much!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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brigette said...

These pics are to cute! Sorry youve got all that snow!! Hopefully itll go away soon1!

Elisabeth said...

I love how our kids are around the same age and our process is around the same place. If all goes well...when would an adoption be on the books? Showing Blaise the video of Lily to keep him happy.

Pipsylou said...

Oh, that adorable little mouth!

I love reading about her and your foster/adopt journey. It's so nice to know we're not alone!

Man, she's cute.