Sunday, July 27, 2008

3 and a half weeks to go...

and we are finally making progress in the babys room.. I can definitely tell a difference with the 2nd child, with Cayden everything was done and in its place by the 7th month.. this time, we're more lax about it.. we know it will eventually get done.. and with 3.5 weeks to go, we should finish up the finishing touches this week.. we have to put the chair rail and trim up and we can start filling up the room with all of our goodies.. here is the beginning to where it sits right now..

this use to be Caydens "spongebob room" he has since moved next door to a more mature room.. and we just never did anything with it.. it was also my brothers room when my folks lived here and apparently his job was to see just how nasty he could get the carpet.. teenage boys.. anyhoo.. he also had posters and junk all over it, so when we got it down to the bare room, we were less than happy with how it looked.. but its fine and I think is going to be adorable.. below is a pic of before..

we had to kilz it twice to cover the blue .. but here is 1/2 kilz and half pink

pink and brown both done..

and now thanks to my dad and Jay, the new and fresh carpet!! YAY! (btw.. i know the paint isn't straight, we are putting 4 inch chair rail up, so no one will be able to tell.. this was all done after working all day.. so I think it turned out JUST FINE ;) Jay has already put so much time and effort into making the room just perfect for Ella, and I cant wait to see how it all comes together.. I will post once its all done, hopefully later this week!!


Mandi said...

Aaaahhhhhhh!! I love it!! So cute can't wait to see it in person and all of the finished product with that lil' cutie patootie princess sleepin' in there!! Can't wait to meet her!!!!!!!!

LaUrA said...

I love the colors!!! Can't wait to see pics of her:)

Mandy Earp said...

I love it! I can't wait to see pics of the final product. I totally love before and after pictures!