Monday, July 14, 2008

Forcast calls for showers ahead!!


This last Saturday was a crazy busy day. Erin, my mom and Nancy threw me a beautiful shower for Ella. We had a good turn out and a very good time! I am so thankful for good friends and family..

Erin made the cutest shower book ( which was a great idea..she wrote the gifts and who they were from and plenty of room for pics!) and invites.. I thought she was going to have to kill someone up at hobby lobby when they didnt order the card stock she requested! But all turned out well and nobody was harmed!!

the vegas baby cake =) I thought it was adorable!! and tasty to boot!!

Granny made the pink and brown OU blanket we LOVE it.. Cayden has one that she made for him when he was a baby and still uses it all the time!!

Glenda (erins mom), Erin andNancy and Elizabeth working hard on passing out the cake and punch! Everything was so smooth, I couldnt have asked for anything better!

We played a game and Erin and her mom froze these little alien looking babies in ice trays.. they put one in each cup and the first person to melt the ice (without touching it) and have the baby, had to yell "MY WATER BROKE!" kinda creepy, but OH so funny.. my cousin Katie was the winner.. wierd little things arent they?

thanks Erin for all of the hard work and time and especially the thought you put into the shower for us! I cant wait to throw one for you and baby parks in the next year or two.. :)

Later that evening another one of Erins friends and myself hosted a personal shower for her at her moms.. she is such a great sport about everything.. I must admit, way better than myself.. =) I had way more "rules" for my shower than she did..

Erin and her cute cake!!

The game we had for this was to decorate a pair of "honeymoon" panties and Erin had to pic out her favorites and model them.. this is her family and friends working on them.. BTW.. I think her memaw had more fun than anyone doing this!! I loved it!!

Did I mention they were granny panties?? they were all hilarious...

so hilarious, that she could only narrow it down to the top 3! this is Rachelle, Janet and Erin modeling them.. the ones erin has on says "I love mom" you could guess who made those!!

she got lots of cute and fun stuff! and we had tons of laughs!

Now we just wait a few days for the wedding and 5 weeks and 2 days til we meet Isabella!!


Mandi said...

We had a great time at the shower, it was super cute too!! I'm crackin' up at the panty game... what a cute fun idea!!

LaUrA said...

Super cute invites!!