Tuesday, July 29, 2008

no mom of the year award here...

I just was looking through my blog and realizing I haven't put anything about Cayden up in a while... as the matter of fact, I never even blogged anything about his 8th birthday in MARCH.. I think maybe I started one and just never got around to finishing it.. anyhoo.. better late than never.. right?

this first one is of him on his 4th bday.. I cant believe he has gotten so big.. I just want to go back and squeeze his little cheeks again~ Although he is just as sweet now as he was at 4 years old.. and I must admit .. it is a little sad that he doesn't "need" his mom like he did at this age though.. he is so smart and so independent.. he is a walking sponge and takes in every bit of knowledge he can get, from books, TV and school and unfortunately family members.. lol just kidding :) For those who werent aware this week on discovery in shark week.. so this is currently what we are learning about.. how to survive shark attacks.. I just love this kid so much..

~he gets embarrassed every year when it is time to sing happy birthday to him..

~he reads every word of every card.. I am not even kidding.. so for future reference.. short is better.. we'd like to get through opening gifts in less than 1 hour.. =)

~and while I am still on my soap box, Cayden was student of the month, they call it "cardinal of character" and his character trait acknowledged was curiosity.. go figure.. he kinda looks like a goob in this pic, but I was unable to get off of work so my mom went and took pics for me and this is the only decent one I was able to get.. but he was so proud of himself!! and we are always so proud of the great young guy he is becoming.. The Lord has truly blessed us with him, which is also a little nerve racking for us.. he has ALWAYS been so good, we're a little worried how this one is gonna turn out.. hopefully JUST like her big brother!!


Mandi said...

YAY Cayden!!! He is such a sweet heart and smart to boot!! He really amazes me at just how well he does with little ones... and our kiddos are living proof, his lil' sis is one lucky girl!! Love him :0)

Mandi said...

Oh and p.s... check out the blog in a couple of days cuz I'm gonna post a *sneak peek* for ya of your lil' big guys pics!!!!

Mandy Earp said...

Well, the brains he must have gotten from you cause Lord knows it was not from his Daddy!!! :) He is going to be such a great big brother!