Thursday, December 23, 2010


I have been trying to get everything done here that needs to be done before Christmas and I just cannot muster up the motivation. I keep thinking Christmas won't come and I will have no reason to miss her more on another 'special day' I have been racking my brain and I for the life of me not remember anything about last Christmas. I guess I was still in my zombie/fog phase.  My mom is coming over today and hopefully (with the help of 5 hr energy) going to get me over the hump. I am excited to see LM open presents and to see her new toys, and I know C will be thrilled with everything he gets. I feel like I should be happy and ready to go and in the holiday spirit, because I do have so much to be thanful for. I am grateful for all I have, my husband, family, friends and 2 beautiful kids here with me, and my gorgeous daughter who I was blessed to have for the time we did. I do have more good moments than bad, but it seems like in the midst of joy, I get a little stinging pain reminding me to not if that is possible..

anyway we took LM to see Santa.. it was an experience..thats for sure :)  I don't know that I will be on between now and Christmas so wanted to tell everyone to have a merry Christmas..I am praying for all of my sweet BLM's and other friends this holiday season..xoxo

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