Tuesday, March 24, 2009

copied from her care page...

please continue to pray for Ella.. I just copied this from her carepage instead of typing up a new one.. but here is the newest..

number 6
at 2:45am she had to get another IV.. I really feel like since she has a good one now, that maybe they should go ahead and use it to sedate her and put in a central or femoral line... they had a very hard time finding the last 2.. I think she is about tapped out.. she is still ticking away and mostly sleeping, she did open her eyes some, but is still too out of it to make good eye contact =( this all makes me so sad..at least the other times she has felt bad she would at least look at us and pucker, and cry...but she was awake..she is only on her mito cocktail and keppra, so it is obviously her body making her sleep, and not drugs..so I guess it is what she needs..Maybe a little selfish of me to want her to be awake.. Jay will be up in a little bit, maybe he can get her to open her eyes some..she listens to him when he talks better than me (probably because she hears me talk all of the time!) Before we came in Sunday morning, Jay got a huge smile out of her...so cute..its a site we havent been seeing alot of lately..but we will, once we get her back to "normal"..

here she is this morning.. she has on o2, all the normal leads, foley and a internal thermometer and an IV in her head again and of course her G tube.. she is all kinds of hooked up =( I think once she wakes up they will be taken off.. probably by her, she doesnt care for hoses and wires much..

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Tothblog said...

I found your blog from a link on another one. My family is praying for your sweet Ella. I can't imagine how you feel, but I pray for the Lord's sweet peace to shower your family.