Wednesday, March 18, 2009


the dr's do think all of her symptoms are completely due to the roto, and do not think it has anything to do with her mito.. the seizures were probably only from the fever, but since the neuro is out of town this week, we are going to keep her on the anti seizure meds until we hear otherwise.. she is sleeping a ton and we will try to resume feeds tomorrow.. she is not running fever today, and hopefully tomorrow will perk up... I hate her being in is not comfortable for any of us, but she is the one being poked in the head for an IV...UGH!!! anyway..its bad for her to have this, but we are sooo thankful it is not a mito complication...thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers!! keep 'em coming...

The dr's and nurses have said that Roto is going around like sure to wash wash and wash again, your hands and your kiddos hands... and if your kids show symptoms, try to keep them hydrated and out of the hospital!!!!

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