Monday, January 24, 2011

Little Miss perfect...

Last week our sw met with LM's indian tribal representative and they signed off on the adoption!I am told that an adoption worker will be in contact with us soon.. This was our big hurdle, she belongs to a different kind of tribe than Jay does, so they could have caused a fuss and possibly had her removed to a home that is the same as she is..BUT praise the Lord, apparenly her tribe and Jay's are 'sister tribes'..Our worker came this morning for her monthly check and we talked some. She said that right now is just time to wait for everything to come together. There is normally a 6 month probabation period before adoption,but since we have had her since August and only us have her (no breaks or other issues) that the time spent should apply as our 6 months. SOOO God willing we could have her adoption final by the time she turns 1 in March!

She is doing wonderfully, she could probably walk if she had a tad more courage, but she will get there when she is ready :) She says momma, dada, bubba,  my pop (my papa), bye bye, yaaayyyy (with clapping), she says 'HI!' but only to our dog..seriously, I can't get her to say it ever, but will climb up on Molly and say 'HI!'.. she is a miracle.. we adore her..even if she is almost 10 months old and hasnt slept through the night for us yet ;)  The past few nights have been rough, she is so tired, I am exhausted and I just can't get her to stay asleep.. I think of how I felt not too long ago, I thought of this post, I thought of how then, and now,  how I wished I could go back and spend more time with her, middle of the night, day, whatever, whenever..I always tell everyone when they mention how tired I look that 'one day she will sleep through the night'..and she will.. but what I am not going to do is wish away her infancy, wish her older, get aggrivated because I don't sleep 7-8 hours with out interruption.. She's brought me back to life, and I don't dare wish away a second that I could spend with her or Cayden.. well that is my soapbox, I think we kind of like the little gal.. :)

I have shared pics with friends on facebook,but I think it is now safe to introduce our Little Miss to all of my bloggy friends too..  We are changing her name to Lily Belle ((we've already been calling her this)) For obvious reasons I will not share her given birth name.. it doesn't matter anyway..from here til forever she is our Lily :)

I know for some BLM's it is hard to read blogs about other children, I understand and respect that, I do not plan on creating another blog..this is our story from before Ella and us continuing on our journey without I understand completely if its too much to see baby pictures and to hear of babies..

without further see our baby girl, scroll down!!
Isn't she the best?!?!


Lisa said...

AWESOME NEWS!! Yay! So happy for you, Jen! Lily is beautiful, and I can't get over how much she looks like you and Jay- she was always meant to be part of your family! She will never, ever replace Ella, but I'm so glad to hear that this little lady has "brought you back to life"
Praise God for His mercies! :)

MamaFoster said...

she is gorgeous! that is so exciting! i am thrilled for you guys!!

brigette said...

She is perfect! This is such great news!! I'm so excited for you guys!! Much love ill still be following!!

Stephanie said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Absolutely PERFECT!!!!

Love Love Love her and I'm SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY for you!!!!!!!!!

Sending love your way!!!!

Endless Love ~ Amazing Grace said...

Came across your blog today....she is adorable!!!

Michelle and Sean said...

Yay!! Congrats! I am so happy for you guys!

Jenna said...

CONGRATS! I am so excited for you guys and super happy that everything has worked out for you! Lily is a doll!

2awesomekidz said...

Aweswome!! Congrats! She is beautiful!

Pipsylou said...

Yes, she is indeed the best.


Oh, I am so, so happy! I have a mess of questions for you! :)

Check your inbox!

Browniris said...

You have such a cute daughter! I am glad that things are going well with your adoption!

Happy ICLW!

missohkay said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Lily is a cutie! Congrats!

Elisabeth said...

congratulations on the sign off! I love her name and she is adorable! I can't wait to do a similar post!

redwheelbarrow said...

Ohhh Lily is so beautiful. I hope the whole adoption process goes smoothly for you. I also hope both of you get some needed sleep :) I seem to remember my youngest used to talk more to our dog than us! Don't you just love it how kids play with your minds.

jjiraffe said...

Here from ICLW. She is so beautiful! Congratulations!!!

ashley said...

Congratulations on great news! I have been following your blog for awhile but haven't commented yet. I love how you speak with such honesty. I am so touched by how you were able to open your arms to another baby, even knowing that you might not be able to keep her. You are an amazing woman! I am so glad that God has blessed your family with Lily, what a beautiful little girl! You are in my prayers.

Rachel said...

Congrats! She is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!! She's definitely a perfect addition!

ICLW #131

Our Journey said...

She is just adorable!! Congratulations!