Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Branson was fun..

Although it was Freezing cold!! Erin, Tony, Ebeth and us went on Friday night and ate at shorty smalls in Branson Landing and walked around and did a little shopping.. Saturday my mom and Aunt Becky met us at our room and we went to lunch and then off to Silver Dollar City.. which was CRAZY busy.. We were told that Saturday was a record setting day! and I believe it.. After the parade and snacks and fun we were off to catch the bus to our cars.. so I thought.. an hour later of waiting in line and trying to keep the kiddos warm, we finally boarded the bus to our cars, grabbed a bite and went and defrosted before bed :) and of course outlet shopping on Sunday.. Ella was so good all weekend, especially after all the time spent in the car seat and stroller.. anyway here are a few pics

this is how poor Ella spent most of her weekend.. all trapped inside.. snug as a bug in a rug though..

this is what she did when her cocoon was opened.. she was taken back by all the lights and movement around her..

I am so glad Cayden had Elizabeth to do things with this time.. they had a blast together... silly kids were crazy..

they were pretending they were falling off of the bench.. haha..

we did let the baby out some.. for some quick kisses and hugs and then back in out of the cold real fast..

this is where we stayed.. its a resort/hotel/ time share community called westgate.. is was so nice and very affordable

I am so glad Erin and Tony went with us. .always tons of laughs and fun.. love you guys!


Mandi said...

Sounds like you guys had lots of fun despite the freezin' cold!!! I bet it was really pretty there all decked out for Christmas!! Ella looks so cute and cozy all snuggled up in her car seat!!

Erin said...

We love you guys too! :) Thanks for letting us tag along. :)

Nancy said...

it looks like jay has his hand up the horses butt!!!!! LOL