Friday, December 19, 2008

my FOUR MONTH old...

wow.. where did time go? Ella is so sweet and such a fun baby.. I just love her so much and so does her daddy and big brother.. who by the way is amazing with her and so attentive.. We've had alot of laughs and a ton of happy moments, a few tears, from both of us... Anyway.. I took a few pics this morning of her, but someone had changed the settings on my camera.. and I of course didnt check it.. ugh.. I am going to attempt to retake them on the correct settings later.. Cayden doesnt know, but we got him his own camera for Christmas.. so MAYBE, crossing my fingers he will leave mine alone.. =) here are some of the pics..

and a few of my little Santa baby.. :)

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Nancy said...

awww!!! How cute is she??? Love the Santa outfit. She's like C, red looks good on her.