Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ella update

She is resting peacefully and seems to be doing better this afternoon/evening. She is moving her arms and not crying and was playing with her wubby bunny! She is still requiring the pain meds and not letting us hold her at all, but we'll take all the progress we can, no matter how small..We have complete faith that the Lord will heal her and once again be the happy HEALTHY baby we love so much.. Just a few things before I end this post.. she is not likely to give the illness to anyone other than other small infants or frail elderly patient, or those otherwise immune defficient. We are not sure how she contracted it, best guess is that it likely started during her ear or sinus infection and just progressed into what she has now. We did see a pediatric infectious disease dr today and he reviewed everything and examined her and agrees this is likely the viral strand..again.. she still has a long way to go, but is a trooper and has us and other friends and family and even strangers praying for her like crazy.. The Lord is good and blessed us with her after 4 years of praying for and stressing over having a baby and we know that he is going to carry her through this.. like my dad says, Gotta get through the valleys to appreciate the view from the mountain.. I'll post again tomorrow, and thank you so much to everyone that has called, text, visited and everything.. we are so blessed..

below is Ella on Christmas and me playing with photoshop and trying to get it down.. yes I'm just learning.. Mandi showed me a few things thanks to her inpromptu lesson of photoshop for dummies.. ;)

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laura said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Ella. I hope she gets better soon. We are praying for you guys:)