Wednesday, December 31, 2008

our ella bella is sick..

and could use any prayer and good thoughts sent this way. She had a sinus infection 2 weeks ago or so and was put on antibiotics. Fast forward to Christmas eve and she had finished her meds the day before and she was so cranky again. I assumed it was due to teething or just being held so much around family during Christmas dinners and stuff and treated with Tylenol and Mylecon. Then Monday she started vomiting and screaming, took her to the dr again and had an ear infection and a gastric bug. Tuesday same thing, worse though.. we took her to SJ owasso and they said she had some bowel disorder where the bowel folds into itself? anyhoo... so they cant treat it there, so we are transported to Childrens hospital at St Francis and immediately there are 5-6 nurses and the ER dr all over her. the whole time we are both crying and I feel like a awful mother.. why cant I sooth her or fix it? A quick blur and we are on our way to PICCU and ordering a CT of her head because her soft spot is too tight(brain swelling) umm.. I thought it was a stomach problem?? so they do the CT and then the dr tells us she thinks its meningitis and need to do a spinal tap..ugh sick. feel like I'm going to throw up.. I cry and then consent.. the pre tests came back positive, and apparently the antibiotics from before mentioned sinus infection had started to treat it, so the antibiotics from this started to treat the meningitis, and when she ended those it came back on stronger. so here we are. she is opening her eyes some today and a little more responsive, they are keeping her sedated for now to keep her comfortable. We are just pretty much setting around watching her sleep.. but I will keep everyone posted as we know more. . please keep her in your prayers.. she is doing better but still very critical.. here is a pic from today.. the IV is in her head =( but she doesnt seem to mind.

oh they think it is viral meningitis but wont have the results until at least tomorrow.. they are treating her for bacterial just incase that IS it.. We want it to be viral.. a lot quicker recovery..

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Doublebanker said...

Tough time of the year to get a bad sickness like you're talking about. Hope all is well for your family this new year