Thursday, June 25, 2009

Angry Cayden

Cayden stayed a few nights at my brothers this week and came home last night..this was one of our first conversations.. Cayden huffs in the kitchen first...

C- MOM..come and look at this mess in my room...
M- What are you talking about? (as I walk in the room with him)
C- THIS!! (points to his Wii)
M- What??? (nothing appears to be wrong)
C- Can't you see the red sticky finger marks? Now the eject button isn't working!(still very upset)
M- Oh.. that must have been Zane..he had a fruit roll up the other night and came in here and played some..
C- (completely fine all of the sudden) oh okay.. next time will you just wipe his fingers off first?
M- umm sure Cayden....

apparently because it was Zane all is forgiven... crazy kid turned all hulk for a minute... I was able to take an alcohol swab and clean it in 2 seconds and the world was once safe again from Angry Cayden..
~~yes..that is a red fruit roll up in his mouth.. but he is far too cute to be angry at :)

my niece Madison stayed the night on Sunday night.. we love our nieces and nephews so much :)
anyway.. check out Cayden's tan!! this is only after a week of swimming!! he was kind enough to tell me I needed to swim some, since I was white as Bella from twilight.. ahh.. honesty...don't you love it...(notice the belly on him too.. its kinda cute on him, but we are working on us all losing the extra pounds from the fast food from our stays in the hospital and other comfort foods everyone was kind enough to provide during all of this.. :)


Heather said...

Wow. His tan is awesome. It is amazing the difference in that picture and the one on your side bar. What a change.

Conversations with kids are so funny.

Anonymous said...

Tell C I am so jealous of his tan! Oh a side note you better listen to him you are looking a little pasty these days... LOL!!! I love you guys!


Anonymous said...

I am like you. White as snow. We just got our pool up. I am hoping to look like Cayden soon. With this heat it shouldn't be too hard. Been thinking of you often. How is work going?

Leigh :)

Anonymous said...

that is one cute lil girl there. :)