Friday, July 3, 2009

friends, fun and furry rodents that attack..

I often talk about what great friends we have.. We have been busy playing uno, being accused of cheating at pictionary because me, erin and Mandi are so darn smart.
We had to empty our pool because there was a huge gash in it and got the same one without a gash from my grandma. So Reuben came over today in his truck to bring it over and put it up. I was sitting on the couch attempting to work. I hear Jay say "what is that" and Reuben says "what the crap?" I got up to look thinking it was a frog, bug or something like that and it was a furry looking rodent staring at us.. I handed Roo the camera and told him to take a pic. The door was partially open still, and about the time I looked back Molly was running to the door and I slammed it, at the same time Reuben runs towards the door screaming like my 7 year old niece.. and he runs into the door using some explicit language that I will not share.. we all look and the rodent is running towards the fence line trying to escape the yard. I am guessing the high-pitched squeel scared him off.. after the laughing stopped, and Reubens color was back to normal.. we were able get a pic..

Woodchuck/groundhog, whatever it was.. made me laugh..really laugh.. been a very long time..unfortunately it was at Reubens expense.. I'll take what I can get.. :) it seems as though a lot of my funnier stories involve roo.. coincidence??


Stacy said...

So glad to hear you had a good laugh. That thing was in your backyard crazy.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is too funny! I hope you have a safe and wonderful 4th!

Love ya,


Heather said...

Wow. That is awesome. You should see what was on my back porch the other day. I guess I should blog about it. It was awesome.