Monday, May 24, 2010

All over the map...

This is what's been going on with us lately.. I have some thoughts, worries, and other things that I really want to hash out on here, but my brain is just too tired today to do it..  :)  Btw, for those who weren't aware that Bree had Nora and she is BEAUTIFUL!! I am sure she will post soon..she has a blog for Nora, but I don't know that I have it, or at least never marked it.. :)

Our fundraiser went pretty well.. I think we learned some things on what to do and what is not a good idea..we are so grateful for everyone who came out and supported us, that supported and honored Ella's was truly a beautiful day.. here is a pic of some of the was really BF may have some better pics.. 

Cayden finished up the 4th grade! We had a field trip to Woolaroc and a track and field day, he got into the finals for the 60 yard dash and the 4-man relay..Unfortunately he got severely sick to his stomach shortly after the relay..(which is happening ALOT lately, more on that later) and we took him home to rest..So his relay team found a sub and they came in 3rd, and Cayden still got a ribbon, which he was proud of, and we were too!  

Cayden and Emily, our friends daughter who is 2 weeks older than Ella..C always loves to see her! She was so good just watching the kids run and she would point when she recognized the ones she knows..she's too cute!

Here we are at was a beautiful day to go, and I got a chance to hang out with some wonderful moms of other 4th graders. :)

So here we are..done with soccer, activities, group meetings, training, and school..just summer..we are going to just hang around and enjoy the break.. :)  Molly has inspired us.. just take it all in...

Hope you all do the same..


Franchesca said...

Congrats to Bree! Can't wait to follow her blog for Nora! Sounds like you and your family are enjoying the summer :) Hope all continues to go well with you guys! AND I LOVE the pic of your dog!! So perfect :]


Holly said...

Yay for Bree and Nora!! I like the decorations for your fundraiser! And way to go Cayden!

Christy said...

Love the update and all the pics!!!! You are so busy! And your dog is adorable :)

Mark's Mommy said...

Cayden is so handsome...he is probably just as beautiful on the inside too.

I hope that the fundraiser was as successful as you had hoped. To be able to raise money and awareness in order to keep another family from losing their precious child is a blessing that can't even be put into words. You are making such a difference!

I want to do the same in memory of my sweet Mark...I am just not sure yet in what direction to channel it all. You and so many others are very inspiring and I hope to follow.

I'm praying that today will be as good as it can be for you...considering the hurt that you carry.

As for myself, I will just keep putting one foot in front of the other and pray that this earthly life passes ever so quickly.

Take care,

Mary said...

I may need to ask you for some pointers on your fundraiser. I have no idea where to begin. After my March of Dimes fiasco, you have inspired me.