Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year!

Happy new year from us at the childrens hospital :) Ella is very alert and active today. we've even had a few smiles. She let us hold her for a little bit a while ago for long enough to eat a bottle. The dr came in and said the final results from the spinal tap were pretty inconclusive because of all of the antibiotics she has had for the sinus infection and the IV dose she got at SJ owasso, but he is sure due to the look of the spinal fluid its meningitis and thankfully not got as bad as it potentially could have. I know that is because God is good and has had his hand on her the whole time.. We will for sure be in for another 7 days-10 days so she can complete the treatment. As I said before she still has a way to go before she can get back to 100%, but progress is progress.. :) and holding her for 5 minutes is like a gift from God for me at this point.. please continue praying for our sweet angel.. Oh yeah we were told that sometime tomorrow we will be put on a regular floor and out of the ICU! Woo hoo!! we love all the attention and care we've gotten here, but Cayden is just itching bad to see his baby sister! and I know for sure that will put a smile on her little face.. she loves him SOOO much! if anyone has any questions please email me @ or leave a comment and I will try to answer..


Mandi said...

YAY! I'm sooo glad she's doing so much better and that you got to hold her for a while!! Sorry we didn't make it up today :0( We are for sure coming tomorrow tho, around dinner time-ish if not a little before... maybe we'll try chick-fil-a again, if you can keep Jay away from the microwave, LOL!!! Love you guys and we're praying for you and sweet baby Ella!!

Wendy Landes said...

Hey! Please keep me posted. If you need anything let me know. Love and God Bless.