Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mito moms and dads

Mito Moms and dads~

 On Monday and probably Tuesday I will be working on a new "faces of mito" slide show that I will put to some music.. If you would like to participate, send me a pic, with name, age, and kind of complex or what they have, and DOB-DOD if applicable.. I will post and share on Facebook as well as my hope of doing this is to raise some let people know that mito is prejudice to no one, gender, race, age, etc...SO if you are interested please email me a pic and info @ please feel free to share with other mito families.. I haven't been able to get on P2P in a while, so if you are reading this and wouldn't mind posting..the more pics the better..thanks! Jen


Heidi said...

Jen, I posted this link on P2P. Hopefully youll get more pics coming in soon! :)
Heidi & Jack.

BTW, Not sure you got my email. Im at my parents farm (in the middle of no where!) for spring break and the wi-fi comes and goes! so not so sure it got there. Ill send another when I get home tomorrow to be sure.

Jen said...

Heidi~ I did get yours :)I actually replied last night to it..thanks!