Friday, February 20, 2009

fifty is nifty.. or so I hear

I personally think my mother in law is pretty darn nifty if I say so myself.. I meant to wish her Bday wishes on Wed the 18th (her actual Bday) But instead I spent all night scanning pics :) We had a party for her tonight and had a great time.. she got her new camera and tons of other good stuff, all of her immediate family was there, which is a chore in itself! and she apparently didnt get enough, because she took Zane and Cayden with her.. what can I say, she is a anyway..sorry this is late Nancy, but Happy Birthday and thanks for everything!! Love you!

just a few years ago this was nancy.. :)

5 generations.. cayden was only about a month or so old..

cayden loves his Nana so much


Mandi said...

Happy Birthday Nancy!! I'm lovin' that pic of the 5 generations, Jay looks so young!!

Nancy said...

Thanks Jen !!! I love my camera & I loved the slide show!!! You can be a sneaky little thing, huh??? I Love you !!!