Saturday, February 7, 2009

what we've been up to..

discussions of the world/politics/ things in general.. a little more griping than discussing I guess..=)

smiles and hanging out naked is always fun.. also watching a little TV and orange crush is good for the soul.. can you tell cayden is growing out his hair...yay fun.. ugh only a few more weeks and then we get to cut it.. End of Feb was our agreement.. I prefer the clean cut cayden I think.. this is a shabby looking pic, but its what I got :)


Mandi said...

Love that video of Ella, she's such a sweetie!! They are two gooooooood lookin' kiddos :0) I agree with you tho, C needs a trim ;0)

Barbie said...

I love this video of Ella. She is adorable. Cayden is good lookin' no matter how long his hair is but I know as a mom how clean cut is just sooooo much better. Your kids are beautiful. Just FYI, we are still keeping you all in our prayers. God Bless, Barbie