Monday, February 23, 2009

how do you slow down time?

Ella turned 6 months old on Saturday, Cayden will be 9 in a month.. its so crazy.. We had Ella's party and it was great. I think she has a little social anxiety, once more than a handful of people got there she got a little cranky and then went to sleep.. my dad said that is her defense We were so grateful to Erin and Tony and Ebeth for hosting it and opening up thier home to us.. that evening after the party, my mom took Ella to her house to recover and we took Cayden and my niece Makayla to incredible pizza, Erin and Tony and E went and so did kevin, Mandi and thier kiddos.. it was alot of fun.. and for one of the first times since Ella got sick, even though I missed her like crazy, I didnt worry about her, or think about her being sick.. I will never get use to the fact that this awful illness is in her, but for now, she is great.. and I am thankful for that. I often find myself when I am away from her (which is not often) thinking about her, worrying she is going to get sick.. I think that all dwells from the one night that I came home when she was in the hospital, she got soo much worse.. but it is getting easier now, I am able to function without her right by me.. I think maybe I am drawing some peace.. the Lord has restored her health to us for now, and it would be a shame for us to not enjoy it and her! She is so funny, she smacks her lips and talks and jabbers all of the time.. She is so spoiled its ridiculous, she cries if me, Jay or Cayden arent right by her entertaining her.. when we feed her, she lets us know she is done by puckering her lips and turning her head.. it is so cute and full of attitude. We are so thankful for her and cayden and have decided its best for us to live in TODAY.. tomorrow will come and we will deal with that then.. but like I have said before..I am thankful for today.. I'll leave with a few pics as I step off of my soapbox.. (this is a little longer than intended :)

Ella in her pretty party dress

Cayden checking out Ella's new bean bag and Ella checking our Caydens ear?

We didnt get very many pics of the party and NONE of all 4 of us together and none of daddy and Ella.. this is Jay and Ella playing before bed a week or so ago.. she always laughs and smiles til I get the camera out..

"Aunt" Amanda, me and Ella munchin' down some much needed food :)Happy Birthday baby girl.. this has been the best 6 months we could ever ask for!!


Amanda said...

I believe that Ella has what is known as a 'staring problem.'

Barbie said...

She is so beautiful. You are blessed with a beautiful little girl and a very handsome son. Looks like he DID get a haircut.LOL I tell everyone I know that has a new baby or is getting ready to have one. The time goes by fast, enjoy every second, let the housework go and sit in the floor and play with them. Still Praying and Believing, Barbie

Anonymous said...

What awesome friends you must have to open their home to you and your family and friends to have your daughter a 6th month party. You should treasure them for life sounds like they are a God send.