Monday, February 16, 2009


=) we are having a 6 month party for our Ella bella since we aren't sure how she will feel on her 1 year Bday in August, hopefully she feels great, but just in case we would like her to feel special(even more) for 1 day! Erin is putting it all together since I am so scatter brained.. I have invites and forgot the post office was closed today, and am sure there are people I forgot to include in them and some I didnt have an address for.. but anyway.. its pretty much an open door, feel free to stop by and say hi, even if you cant stay long :) We also have some exciting fundraisers coming up that I will post about when we have more exact dates..

p.s ~ even though she is most likely not going to have a transplant, there is a specialist in Pittsburgh that we are going to try to see, as well as a treatment called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy that we are considering that has shown helpful in several mitochondrial patients, she is also getting put on a high calorie formula, and a mitochondrial coctail to help boost what mitochondria that she has.. most likely not be covered by our insurance, which is the importance of the fundraisers... thanks and hope to see you soon!!

call or email if you want to come and need directions!

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