Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ella on my mind..

Ella is everywhere :)
~~Most baby lost mom's love to see their babies names written.. its just more proof they were here and proof about other people acknowledging their existence.. and I am no exception. I love to see her name.. I write it all over everything.. :)
Thanks so much to those who sent me her name and for thinking of us.. if you want to send me a pic email to and I will post here..

Jill took these beautiful pics for me, check out the rest over at her page Vermont angels
they are all so gorgeous..she does a great job :)

thanks to Lisa and Jonathan at Waterfall Angels..these are beautiful~

One of my favorite places on Earth to go, especially when I am feeling down, is Kirklands.. I love LOVE it..I don't even always have to buy anything..though I normally do.. it just calms me..its hard to explain..anyhow.. I was there this last week and saw these letters mixed together and had to spell her name out.. Ella was a great shopper when she was good and would just take everything in..she would have loved Kirklands too I think..

 Jen at the blue sparrow made this-Thanks so much! XO

 Tiffany at Names on the sidewalk did this one.. such a cute idea!

Thank you so much Michelle for thinking of us this Easter.. I love it..

Thanks Laura
Thanks so much Jaime!

Sent by Carly from Perth Australia
From Lea
From Fran
sent by Holly..

From Bree..
thank you Lana!

Here she is in Canada! Thank you Lisa

Thank you Heidi and sweet Jack!

Thank you Jennifer for thinking of us this Valentines day!


Franchesca Cox said...

Such a beautiful collection of Ella's name!

Just Breathe said...

Everyone cares and love you.

Holly said...

Don't you just love seeing your baby's name? I know I do! I hope you get more!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are just awesome!

Akul's mama said...


Anonymous said...

beautiful collection of your beautiful daughters name