Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I really HATE mito..

I've followed a couple of blogs of mito kids since Ella got sick and diagnosed.. I always looked to these "older" kids as encouragement.. maybe Ella will make it to their age..sadly she didn't.. I've been praying and cheering on these kids and little brody passed last week, and Gavin and sweet Abby are both struggling with their own issues now and could really use any prayers.. I hate that this disease robs these kids of their childhood..their normal every day childhood.. they deserve it.. I hate that the parents have to worry with ever sneeze that "this could be what does it".. I remember that feeling and it made me about crazy..


Franchesca Cox said...

I hate all these things that rob children of their innocence and childhood! I visited their sites, and they are just precious. So sad..

Broken-hearted with you.

Just Breathe said...

I will pray.