Sunday, October 4, 2009

sickly Cayden

Yesterday about 9am I took Cayden into the urgent care to be seen. Over night he had developed a low grade fever, sore throat and horrible cough.. last week my dad had the H1n1 virus (swine flu) and I talked to C's doctor to see about what to do if C showed symptoms, he said take him in immediately because his asthma could complicate forward to yesterday.. He is coughing, but seems okay otherwise.. the Dr checks him out.. he has a horrible ear infection (which he had not complained about??) and you guessed it h1n1 and his lungs sounded horrible.. they did a breathing treatment on him and then a peak flow, which he failed miserably.. so we came home with 5 different meds.. last night he was playing his PSP and the TV was on..neither of us paying much attention.. and the news came on with this story..Cayden paused his game and looked at me.. I looked at him and asked what was wrong and he said "I need you to tell me I am going to be okay".. I paused and then nodded and explained that we were doing everything they would do in the hospital for him and that he WAS going to be okay.. the other kids that had passed probably didn't get seen as early as he did.. and that was enough for him..he just needed to hear it.. In the back of my mind though, rushed awful thoughts.. I just sat and prayed for a minute or two, please God, give him comfort and peace of mind and restore his health quickly..Oh God, I need to know that he is going to be okay!! My mind kept rushing all night, I kept feeling his head and chest with my hand and checking on him.. finally that silent whisper I've heard a few times before .."Be still and know that I am God" and just like that I was able to rest.. Caydens cough is a little better today, but the flu part is starting to kick in.. praying this is over fast..


Just Breathe said...

Oh Jen, I can only imagine how worried you are. I will pray for him to be healed quickly. I have severe asthma so I can relate to how he was feeling. Yesterday after every ride I used my germ killer on my hands and made sure my adult kids did it too! Poor thing, after what he has been through with his sister I am sure he worries about life/death more.
Again, I will pray for all of you.

Mary said...

I know that story freaked you out as well. Poor Cayden with everything that has happened. Hope he gets better soon.