Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesdays for Wyatt

This family lost their little boy 2 minutes after he was born and are working so diligently to get his life acknowledged.. he was alive for 2 minutes! breathing the same air.. though this may not seem like that big of deal, it is huge..As a mother who has lost a child, my one wish is that people will acknowledge that she was here.. that she was a real person and is a part of me.. no matter how long or how short the time spent together was..whether it is 8 months and 29 days or 2 minutes.. it matters..THEY matter to us..their please sign the petition, whether you live in Tennessee or still matters.. for the full story or to leave encouraging words visit their site..


Heather said...

This story just breaks my heart. Why does someone get to say that just because he didn't live for long that it was not a live birth. Was he born breathing? Yes. Was he born with a beating heart? Yes. How can you deny that it wasn't a live birth?

Jen said...

heather~ I don't get it either.. it is so heartbreaking..