Sunday, January 4, 2009

bad day(s)

you know that awful Daniel Powter song, bad day? Well that describes Ella since around 10 pm Sat night.. Sat day she was smiling, cooing, playing with her toy, being her cute little self.. so Jay and I decide since things are going so well that my parents could come up and stay with her and we would take cayden to eat and home to sleep in his bed for the night.. We had barely been gone and hour and my mom called and said her IV is leaking and they are going to have to put a new one in. ugh.. so she says its no big deal and to stay home for the night.. So I go home after dinner and do some laundry and kinda get C's stuff together for school and go to bed.. Sunday AM I called in to tell my mom we were going to grab a bite and will be right there, she tells me Ella had a bad night and seems to be doing worse.. so we get here and she is soo swollen and pretty much back to the way she was the day we brought her in.. crying and screaming by just touching her little arm and rolling her eyes back and just looks sooo pale. of course.. this would happen when I was gone... so the dr's come in and arent sure what is going on... do another head catscan and a boat load of lab.. It came back and her glucose was 29, so they gave her some sugar and it came back up.. the CT was normal, thank the heavens above..they thought maybe she had some fluid on the brain, but she didnt..her blood count is creeping back up a little and they are not sure why.. They put a cath in to measure her urine and started her on Lasix and in a matter of hours she had passed 7 ounces of urine, which is more than she had done in 12 hours. She had perked up a little bit, not alot, has a little color to her, still cranky and listless..Also her glucose was 41 and she got more sugar and brought it back up to 84 just about 1/2 hour ago.. Please Please continue to pray for her.. they are still considering her critical and considering putting her back in ICU if all does not pick up soon.. and we want her healthy enough to stay on the normal floor, where its not quite as scary ;) here are a few pics of our sweet baby from this evening.. see how swollen she is? She is not a chubby baby at all for those who havent seen her in person.. anyway.. keep praying..


laura said...

So sorry to hear that she had a bad day. We are praying for sweet little Ella:)

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear things got worse. I hope things get better quick! I can only imagine as a mother when I was going through things with the twins being ill in NICU. My prayers are with you girl! Leigh :)

Rachel said...

I am praying! Bless her little heart!