Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday morning

She slept well last night, other than 1 feeding and the nurses bothering her :) It has been 1 week since we've been here, and 1 week since I about lost my mind with fear.. and dont get me wrong, we are alot better than last week, just not where I hoped we would be.. her liver enzymes are elevated , so she had more lab this morning, and will have some sort of imagining of her liver this AM, either ultrasound or another CT... so we're waiting to find out the cause of this and what that will mean as far as her diagnosis/prognosis.. I'll update again later when I know something new..

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Ressie said...

OH Jen, Jay, and Cayden our prayers are here with you, all of you. we know how hard this is on all of you. i finally got on here to be able to read, and all i can do is cry.keep your heads up high, God will take care of baby Ella for you all, I PROMISE!!!! she has angles watching over her. she couldnt be in a better hopistal then she is..we love you all.
ressie, wally, boys and soon baby tanna!!