Friday, January 9, 2009


Ella's IV is out, hopefully for good. It was irritated and causing swelling in her forehead and eyes. I thought she was just really tired because she was barely opening her eyes, but I'm pretty sure they are swollen closed.. The good news is that she is only due to have 1 more dose of the antibiotic, so they are checking to see if its okay if we skip the last dose. Her liver test are back down today, so unless something comes up, I'll just have to take her in to recheck them out patient. Assuming the swelling goes down and all goes well today.. we are told we will be release tomorrow ( Saturday) or Sunday.. She is still not eating that great.. but I am just going to pretty much force feed her so she can make sure to get all of the nutrients that she needs and NOT have to get another IV. Sooo keep praying, hopefully this nightmare is almost over. I'll update again when I know more about the IV situation... Thanks everyone for the prayers and loving comments..

Oh yeah one last thing, our pastor came in the day before yesterday and read Ella the verses on how God never rests and how he is always there and she just looked at him and smiling.. I think she knows he provides for her and will restore her health.. I pray that we are the kind of parents that continually have unstoppable faith. I have been a wreck off and on, but I have faith in the Lord and that is what has spared my sanity. I have had moments of complete fear and empathy for my baby.. But never doubt.. He is good...

Ella's eyes are still swollen closed for some reason..keep praying for that. Still no IV though...

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