Tuesday, January 6, 2009

tuesday pm update

her liver functions came back better today,. but no real reason why the are elevated in the first place.. so they are just going to watch her for now. Good news, she got her cath and pulse ox taken off today and they are only going to check her blood sugar if needed instead of every 4 hours!! She ate 2.5 ounces a little bit ago, but threw it up.. I think it was just too much for her right now, she will have to build back up to that and her normal 4 ounces at a time... she is a little cranky this pm, she just got some pain meds to help her relax, so hopefully she takes a little nap and wakes up better in a bit..The infectious disease doctor did say that she will be on antibiotics until Friday. I am guessing it will be early next week before she gets released. I just know I am ready to be at home and things back to normal, but I am definately not wanting to take her home until she is 100% better..I'll update again later when I know something different..

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