Sunday, January 11, 2009

central line is in

and working well. She has had blood drawn from it and man... it is WAAAY easier.. she is having issues coming out of sedation, but seems to be resting now. She is scheduled for her liver biopsy on Wednesday.. the dr wants to talk to a specialist in Denver that was/is working on Bailey and Slade's (jays cousins babies) condition and is going to talk to him about Ella and make sure she doesnt have the same thing and see what he needs to do to eliminate this possibility. We are praying it is nothing serious like that and is just from the medicine or just the virus or bug affecting her little liver. So it looks like we will at least be here through the week again.. and hopefully other than the biopsy, it is uneventful.. thanks for all the thoughts and prayers and well wishes.. I will post again tomorrow and try to post a new pic... =)


Mandi said...

We are praying for you guys and baby Ella! She is such a little trooper, love you all!

Ressie said...

Jen, we are thinking of you all daily and praying for you and Ella as well. it sounds stupid, but GOD doesnt give you more then you can handle. you are strong!!! you now will be educated to help others in the same matter, like we are doing with Nolan.we love each and everyone of you, and GOD will see you thru this and help Ella be Ella Again!!

Mandy Earp said...

I am so sorry you all are dealing with this. We are constantly praying for Miss Ella Bella and hope she returns home soon!