Friday, January 2, 2009

Ella update for Friday

We are in a normal room now! and in a crib instead of a huge adult bed, which I found out they put her in just in case they had to intubate or work on in case of emergency.. that is scary that was on their minds! I just figured they were out of cribs? she is doing well today.. she has a round belly and some tummy problems, but we are working on them.. Nothing serious thank goodness.. Cayden was able to come and see her and was ecstatic, he brought her a bear that said "princess" and then told everyone that he could catch that she is the she is still on IV liquids for now and hopefully soon she will be taking in enough formula to have it stopped.. she also is letting us hold her a little more, we just have to take it when we can get it though.. she is so sweet, even feeling bad, she just acts like a little angel.. Thanks to our friends and family for bringing bears, balloons and food :) Especially to Mandi who brought it twice, since Jay burnt the first meal up in the microwave... here are a few pics Mandi snapped.. keep praying.. we know this is the only reason that she is getting better so fast!


Anonymous said...

to leave comment if you do not have a blog spot, just select "anonymous" below and be sure to sign your name :) jen

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear she is perking up! I will continue to send my prayers your way!

Rachel said...

Hey girl! I just got back from town and saw your myspace bulletin. I'm glad to see baby Ella is improving and I will definitely be praying for you all and checking updates!