Saturday, January 31, 2009


Dr Kayser ordered a ton of lab this week. We ended up having it drawn at the childrens 2 sticks and got blood both times.. it was a relief... Nancy and I also got the grand tour of st francis..go ahead ask.. we can tell you where anything is :) Anyway.. her liver functions came back a little bit better.. Dr Kayser stress A LITTLE, so still not cured obviously.. but she is not getting worse, which if it was the DNA depletion she would after a month and a half of this.. or I would think, but I am not a dr. so I guess I wouldnt.. her clotting factor was a little high, but not worrisome and the test for the other will not be back until next week at least.

Thanks for the advice on the teething situation.. the tablets seem to help better than the motrin! plus we dont want her to grow immune to the motrin since she cannot have tylenol at this point. She ran a little bit of fever the night before last, and I of course got nervous and worried, but I knew in my brain it was from the teeth, but a little bit of me worried about some sort of infection..She has not ran one again since yesterday though.. so that answered my doubt..

Please keep praying for her. I know she is stable, but I just want so bad for her to feel like herself again and look like herself again with NO YELLOW.. and I would love for this all to be just a big fluke and her liver get better on its own.. I kinda doubt that will happen, but it would be nice.. anyway.. keep praying..

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