Sunday, September 13, 2009

The door keeper

A small child comes to our home to visit, all of the doors are open..all except one..the first door on the left.. the small child opens the door a tad, just to peek in. Immediately the door keeper closes it and says abruptly to the child "We don't go in there" the door keeper, a mere 9 years old, shuffles the child down the hall being questioned the entire time on why they cannot go just look.. The door keeper finally gives in by simply stating "Its my sisters room".. "Oh" says the child and that is the end of the conversation.. Although what the door keeper doesn't know is that once in a while I catch the door keeper opening the first door on the left, he peeks in, looks around for a while, never once crossing the carpet into the room..he closes the door, keeping his hand on the knob for just a few seconds extra before walking away..I can only imagine what the keeper envisions when he surveys the room..perhaps he is imagining a small toddler playing with her toys, barely able to walk..she smiles when she see's him..she loved him so much.. the door keeper closes the door and walks to his door, he spends a little time alone while sitting on his bed deep in thought..missing her so much, but he barely speaks of her at all.. what an awful job this door keeper has assigned himself to do..a mere 9 years old, so somber..all over 1 door..the first door on the left..


Anonymous said...

This is so touching and beautifully written. Did you write this? If so, WOW! I'm still praying for you!

Amanda Smith

Jen said...

yeah.. I couldn't sleep the other night and the scenario kept running through my head.. so I just put it on here to get it out.. thanks..

Heather said...

Absolutely beautiful and hearbreaking at the same time. Jen-my thoughts and prayers are always with you. A 9 year old shouldn't have to grow up this fast and I am so sorry that he has had to.

Thinking of you always.

Anonymous said...

This is another reason you should write the book! ;) Love ya sister!


Anonymous said...

Jen you have a great ministry to yourself and others thru the posts you write. My heart aches,too.(for Cayden, You, Jay, I could keep going.) Just know you guys are not alone. Love and Prayers, Shelley