Saturday, September 5, 2009

what the ???

when is enough, enough? The duggars are having ANOTHER baby..yep..this will be 19.. not to bash them or anything, It seems as though they are good enough parents, but man.. I read all of these blogs of other families, and Jay and myself having struggled with infertility in the past..why can they have 19 healthy babies? I do have Cayden and am thankful for him, alot of people don't even have the 1.. or cant.. and they have 19!!! this just makes me jealous and even a little angry..


Heather said...

Enough is Enough. Seriously when are they going to stop. I thought when her oldest son and his wife got pregnant they would stop.

Bree said...

LOL. We do have similar posts. I think she should have to give some of her babies to us lost baby mamas. Or at least, do surrogacy. Come on. Share the wealth, Lady.